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Hyalite Canyon offers the most reliable and concentrated ice climbing in the United States.

With over 225 pitches of naturally forming and easily accessible ice that have always offered quality and “full-on” conditions by Thanksgiving–combined with a reliable access through a unique collaboration between the public, Forest Service and County government that has received national attention–Hyalite Canyon is recognized as a premier ice climbing destination on par with anywhere in the U.S.

As a birth place of new techniques by Pat Callis in the early 1970s; through the 1980s explorations of Jack Tackle; followed by the ground-breaking, legendary ascents of Alex Lowe in the 1990s; to the hardest mixed routes of the 21st Century by Sam Elias and Whit Magro; to the enduring memory and legacy of Guy Lacelle; Hyalite offers one of the richest and most important climbing heritages in the world.

  • Alpinist published a full-length “Crag Profile” on the history of Hyalite ice climbing in Issue #36 (October 2011). Copies will be available at the Ice Fest.
  • Joe Josephson’s award-winning guidebook “Winter Dance Select Ice Climbs in Montana & Wyoming” is available to ice festival participants at a special price.
  • A completely new and updated Hyalite-specific guidebook is in the works. Stay tuned for updates.

Visit Montana Ice for all the latest condition updates.
Download the Hyalite recreation map here.