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One of the signatures of the Bozeman Ice Festival has long been that participants get plenty of one-on-one time with athletes while on the ice, discussing gear, or over beers and dinner back in town.

During the 2013 clinics, get ice climbing instruction and learn tricks and techniques from many of the top ice and mixed climbers in the world including:

Will Gadd and Ines Papert/strong> from our long-time title sponsor Arc’teryx.
Bozeman’s own Justin Griffin and Jeannie Wallfrom Outdoor Research
Kitty Calhoun, Barry Blanchard and Rob Owens from Patagonia
Jim Shimberg from Sterling Ropes
Kim Reynolds and Mattie Sheafor from Marmot
Kris Erickson and Gord McArthur from Scarpa
Sam Magro/strong>, Nate Opp, Adam Knoff, Pete Tapley, Peter Ramos and more from Montana Alpine Guides

Return frequently to see an update of 2013 athletes.

BIF alumni include:
Alex Lowe
Amy Bullard
Barry Blanchard
Ben Gilmore
Caroline George
Conrad Anker
Dawn Glanc
Doug Chabot
Emily Harrington
Guy Lacelle
Ian Parnell
Jack Roberts
Jack Tackle
Jason Nelson
Jeannie Wall
Jim Shimberg
Joe Josephson
Kim Csizmazia
Kim Reynolds
Kitty Calhoun
Kris Erickson
Majka Burhardt
Mark Twight
Mark Wilford
Margo Talbot
Mattie Sheafor
Pat Callis
Peter Doucette
Pierre Darbellay
Rafael Slawinski
Rob Owens
Roger Strong
Sean Issac
Stephen Koch
Steve House
Stevie Haston
Whit Magro
Will Gadd
Will Mayo
Zoe Hart