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Best Women's Clinic in History

Best Women’s Clinic in History

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If you’re a lady get psyched.  If you’re not a lady get psyched anyway.  The Bozeman Ice Festival has always put together an amazing women’s clinic that brings the fun and skill of ice climbing together with the unique spirit of an all female event.  This year we have one of the strongest line ups ever!  These clinics designed by women will be taught by some of the best athletes without a Y chromosome.  Majka Burhardt, Caroline George, Sarah Hueniken, Lilla Molnar, Emily Stifler, Mattie Sheafor, and Audrey Gariepy will all be giving out their tips, tricks, and general awesomeness during this all day clinic.

Make sure to catch Emily’s Slide Show: “Women at Work” on Thursday Night at 8:00 at the Emerson.  You’ll have a chance to meet all these amazing women there as well as their talented male counterparts who will be guiding clinics all weekend.  To sign up or for more information click here!

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