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Demo gear is handed out the night PRIOR to your scheduled clinic between 5 pm and 7 pm at the Emerson Center, 111 S Grand Ave, Bozeman.

All demo gear, boots and clothing must be returned every day in the Hyalite parking lot by 3:30 pm and before heading back to town.

If you want to demo more gear the following day you will need to come back to the Emerson to check out your gear again.

Required Paperwork:


What You Need To Bring

A positive attitude and the ability to have fun!

A vehicle with sufficient traction and humph that will get up and down the icy roads of Hyalite Canyon safely and efficiently. Please work together and car pool as much as possible. Look for our car pool announcements elsewhere in this program and during the nightly events. We can’t stress this enough!

Ski or trekking poles are optional but some people find them useful on the uphill approach to the climbs (15 to 30 minutes depending on the area).

Credit Card. This is required for a deposit on any demo gear you might be using and you need to bring it with you the night before your class when you check out your gear.

Hats & Gloves. There will be some gloves available for demo but it’s always helpful to bring some of your own. The thinner and more dexterous your gloves, the more manageable it is to hang on and to swing ice axes. It is recommended you bring at least one pair of thinner shell gloves or even extra liners for climbing and a warmer pair or even mittens that you can keep dry and put on when you are not climbing. Bring a warm hat that covers your ears and will fit under a helmet. A neck gaiter or balaclava is recommended. There will be some available for demo.

Layered Clothing. There will be the best climbing shells (soft and hard) and belay coats in the industry available for you to demo. Be sure to use a traditional layering system of non-cotton long underwear, a mid insulating layer and a shell coat. Trimmer fitting clothing is best, particularly for your pants. Think Cross Country Skiing with some time standing around. Big baggy snowboard pants will work but increase the chances you might snag your cuffs with the sharp crampon points.

Food & Drink. We suggest your favorite outdoor lunch. Just something quick and goes down easy like left-over Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches. Bring at least a liter of water. A thermos of hot tea or coffee is also a nice treat.

Aprés-Climb. A dry pair of socks and boots or snow boots to put on at the end of the day after dropping your demo boots off with Ice Festival staff in the parking lot. A warm, dry coat to replace your climbing jacket to keep you warm as we decompress and share stories with everyone back in the parking lot and on the drive back to town.

Getting There and Carpooling

All clinic participants and athletes meet at 8 am at the Grotto Falls Parking Lot at the end of end of Hyalite Road.

We will provide maps of Bozeman to help you find the Hyalite Road #62 and and the route past the Reservoir to the Grotto Falls Parking Lot. At this URL is a map you can download to your smart phone if you want more information: http://bit.ly/eSts1W

The Grotto Falls Parking Lot where we stage for the clinics gets over-full. We will make sign up sheets available for you and your fellow ice festers to sign up if you are looking for a ride and those who have space. We will be making announcements throughout the festival and please ask festival staff if you have questions.

We can’t stress enough how important it is for you all to make an effort to car pool as much as possible.

Experience Level Required

When you sign up for an Ice Festival Clinic we give you an idea of the experience level required for each class in the clinic description. It is a good idea to follow our recommendations, but if you don’t fit neatly into one of the boxes don’t stress too much about it. Just sign up for whichever clinic you think you best fit into and you will be taken care of. The learning curve in ice climbing is very steep. You will quickly find yourself accomplishing things you never thought possible, before the Bozeman Ice Festival!

All of instructors, athletes and guides will be patient and accommodating for all skill levels and experience. We will be toprope climbing and you will be belayed by professionals. It will be fun! You will learn to how to efficiently swing an ice axe, crampon techniques, how to climb with finesse and where to to take rests. There will also be clinics on how to read ice, ice anchors and mixed climbing, and pretty much anything else you want to learn that day.

We have seen our clinics literally change lives in the course of an afternoon. Graduates from our Festival have gone on to become accomplished and confident climbers in their own rite.
The take away message is, sign up for whichever clinic you feel best fits your needs and we will help you do the rest.

Thanks in advance and see you in the House of Hyalite!


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