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I’m coming up from Salt Lake on Thursday for the festival. I was planning to just climb and not participate in the clinics. Can you tell me about the parking situation in the Canyon during the Festival?

Answer: There will be car pool sign up forms around the festival and at a few key hotels. We strongly encourage folks to car pool as much as possible. On any given weekend, it can get pretty tight at the main Hyalite Parking lot. During the festival, we will have parking lot attendants to help direct traffic. The biggest thing is people park in an orderly fashion and as close as they can to each other like they might at a ski resort. If you have a large truck there some limited overflow spots just before the main lot that you should use. The Emerald Lake and Palisade parking areas should be okay as they have plenty of space, although the East Fork road is not plowed. The Flanders parking lot is small to begin with and will likely fill up during the fest since all the routes up there are in fine shape right now.

My 13-year-old might be interested in trying one of the in-town clinics – is there a minimum age requirement for these?

Answer: Kids must be at least 12-years old but anyone under 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign a waiver.

My boyfriend and I can’t make it to Bozeman until Thursday and were hoping to do clinics on Friday and then climb on our own on Saturday. But there aren’t any clinics besides the women’s clinics on Friday. Are there other options for the men-folk while the women are out on the ice?

Answer: There will be several alternative clinic and guide options for all comers including the men throughout the festival including Friday. Please stay tuned to the web site and our Facebook page for updates. They will be posted on the web site in time for the Oct 1 registration opening.

Why did clinic prices increase?

Answer: We pay close attention to our prices and work hard to provide all our participants and spectators high value and the best festival experience possible. Included in the clinic price is admission to the Thursday, Friday and Sunday evening shows, a $45 value. Rental fees for the demo gear included would average $35-$50. Participant schwag and other raffle ticket value about $20. Include world-class all-day instruction in Hyalite Canyon, unparalleled nightly events, free beer, plus helping to keep the road open for access we are confident you will find the Bozeman Ice Fest worth every penny.


Answer: Unfortunately no. Our policy is no refunds. Due to our limited on-ice numbers, the clinic spots are always in high demand. Many of our participants come from all parts of the continent and need to be able to make travel arrangements early.


Answer:Some clinics fill up in a matter of minutes depending on the athletes featured. Most however, will probably not fill up the same day or even the same week, but we recommend you sign up as soon as you can in order to ensure your first choice in clinics. There is a lot of buzz this year so they could go fast!


Answer: We appreciate your stoke and effort but sadly we can’t make exceptions. The numbers for the clinics is closely regulated by our permit with the Forest Service and we in fairness to everyone else, we can’t add extra bodies to the clinics. New for 2013 we will be providing limited gear demos and instruction at the Urban Base Camp at the “Ice Breaker” teaching area in conjunction with the UIAA North American Championships. Clinics are coming to downtown Bozeman!

And don’t forget, the evening events are unique and once-in-a-lifetime shows so if you want to come out to Hyalite and go climbing on your own and partake in the ice climbing event of the year, we can promise it won’t be a wasted trip. If nothing else, the BIF offers one of the biggest cumulative gear give-a-ways in the industry. There is also the off-chance you could get into a clinic via the wait list. We keep wait list, but it only really helps if you are on-hand the night before a clinic because we usually don’t know if someone doesn’t show until they don’t show up. You could also consider contacting the local guide service to see what they might be able to do for you. Their web site is: http://www.adventuremontana.com/”


Answer: Separate sign ups are preferred but you CAN register for your partner or friends. Just be sure to include their name(s) and email in the “comment” box when you sign up. This helps us manage the numbers, ensure they receive critical information and updates, and for us to get their swag bag of goodies ready for when you sign in the night before your clinic.


Answer: It is the same weekend every year, the 2nd weekend of December. For 2013, it is December 11-15th. On-line sign up for clinics always go live on October 1st @ www.bozemanicefest.com

Is the canyon open to independent climbing during the festival (excluding the places where clinics are being held)?

Answer: Of course, you can go to other places in the canyon where we will not be holding clinics. There are over 225 routes in the three canyons that make up Hyalite. We hold clinics at: Lower Greensleeves, Genesis I & II, Hangover, Mummy II & Scepter, Ampitheater Climbs, and Unnamed Wall. At these venues there will NOT be room available for non-clinic climbers. Our closely managed permit limits with the Forest Service, strict insurance requirements, and a general lack of teachable space all preclude us involving anyone other than registered clinic participants at the clinic locations.

I am not signed up for a clinic, can is still demo gear?

Answer: The non-clinic “public” is more than welcome to take advantage of the festival and check out demo gear free of charge (paperwork and Credit card is required). It is one of our goals to give the larger community access to the opportunity to “try before you buy.” You need to arrive at the Emerson Ballroom 111 South Grand in Bozeman in the evenings 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm to check out gear. You will be required to return the gear in the Hyalite Parking Lot by 3:00 pm. There is a strict return procedure that can be explained to you when you arrive and fill out the paperwork.

Will top ropes be available for use by people who are not in the clinics but are using demo gear?

Answer: There will NOT be top ropes available for non-clinic climbers. As the major fundraiser for the Friends of Hyalite who are working to keep the road plowed and open in winter we appreciate your understanding for us “taking over” these areas for the weekend. I hope you’ll find the additional four months of access we currently enjoy via the road plowing is worth the inconvenience over four days.

How can I buy tickets for the wrap party Sunday night? Are these included with a clinic purchase?

Answer: The Sunday Wrap Party and legendary gear raffle is catered by the amazing Emerson Grill. All nights are included with the clinic purchase including the Sunday night dinner and a movie. For non-clinic participants, admission is $15 and you can buy tickets any time during the festival or at the door Sunday night. All proceeds from the evening and raffle go toward keeping the Hyalite Road open. Now that’s a good cause.

Would you know if any of the closest hotels are nearby without having to drive too much to get to the clinic/climbing area? Also, should I get an SUV or a regular car? Will the road be icy in early December?

Answer: Everything in town is about the same distance from Hyalite Canyon which is south of town off 19th Ave and an additional 13.5 mile drive up the canyon. It is about a 45 minute drive from town to the parking lot. The host hotels listed on the web site are the ones currently offering discounts for the ice fest participants. We will be posting more discounts in the coming days. The road up Hyalite is plowed but it can get icy. If you want to rent a regular car to get around town but aren’t comfortable driving on icy, winding roads, I am certain you can easily find rides from town into the canyon each day. We will have a car pool sign up sheet posted at the evening events and at the main hotels.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON WHAT TO EXPECT Download and print this PDF here.